Cattle Rancher. Speaker. Travel Addict.

Cattle Rancher. Speaker. Travel Addict.

Cattle Rancher. Speaker. Travel Addict.Cattle Rancher. Speaker. Travel Addict.Cattle Rancher. Speaker. Travel Addict.

Welcome to 10 Miles Past Nowhere!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!  You'll find information about me, how to contact me to speak, my 10 Miles Past Nowhere Blog, as well as pictures from the ranch and my travel adventures.  Please look around, and I look forward to hearing from you!

About Me

My Background

Hi! I'm Kacy, and I live in southeast, WY, located 10 miles past nowhere! My family has been here since the 1880's, raising livestock.  It's sort of a crazy place, we don't have phones, only get mail twice a week, our nearest non-related neighbor is 16 miles away, and it's about 40 miles to the nearest pavement.  But it's a pretty incredible place to live.  I love sharing stories about life on a remote cattle ranch, so if you're interested in learning more, please contact me!  I enjoy speaking with groups who want to learn more about beef, and with groups of people who raise beef who want to learn more about sharing their stories.

My Hobbies

When I'm not taking care of the cows and things on the ranch, I am a passionate traveler and adventure seeker!  I've been on safari in Kenya, gone zip-lining in Belize, luging in New Zealand and parasailing in Hawaii!  I'm always looking for my next travel destination and adventure along the way.

My Favorite Things

I love reading on rainy days, snuggling up in front of a warm fire (though I hate everything else about winter), laughing with good friends, games, good movies, days spent horseback enjoying the scenery, working with my family, hiking to new places, anything that gives me an adrenaline rush, trying new foods (well some) and places to eat, and being at the beach (it's my favorite place on earth!)  Most of all, I'm blessed to have this crazy life from the man upstairs. 

Speaking (and other) Experience

Additional Information

  • MA Speech Communications, MBA (agriculture emphasis)
  • Current rancher and freelance journalist
  • Former livestock extension agent, public speaking teacher, leadership/educatation and development program manager, Beef Quality Assurance Trainer (Colorado)
  • NCBA Master's of Beef Advocacy and Top of the Class Graduate
  • National award receipent for beef advocacy radio program (see example in the radio spot section!)
  • Speaker at Western Nebraska and Northeast Colorado Cattlemen's Days
  • Speaker for Colorado BQA Train the Trainer program
  • Speaker at Colorado 4-H Agents annual meeting
  • Enjoy speaking to all types of audiences, large or small, young and old, those who raise beef or those who just enjoy eating it

Potential Topics

  • The importance of estate planning (and what can happen when you don't )
  • How we raise our beef and why
  • What it's like to ranch 1 0 miles past nowhere
  • What are your questions and concerns about how beef is raised
  • How to share your story as a beef producer
  • Why sharing your beef story matters

Speaker Reviews

  •  "As a former Colorado Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Trainer and member of the Colorado BQA Advisory Committee, Kacy has a wealth of knowledge surrounding cattle production. Not only is she passionate about extending her knowledge to current cattle producers, but she also does an excellent job relaying accurate information about the beef industry to the general public and beef consumers. Kacy provides an especially powerful presentation about the purpose and importance of the BQA program, and loves sharing beef's positive story with any audience." Libby Bigler, Colorado Beef Quality Assurance Coordinator


  • "Kacy has a true passion for the beef industry that shines through to her audiences.  She has a way of connecting to producers and consumers alike by sharing stories of her own ranchlife and experiences.  She is an engaging speaker and a true advocate for our industry." Jamie Jo Axtell, Axtell Cattle Company, Anton, CO


  • "Kacy is able to connect with her audience, whether they are seasoned ranchers or first year 4-H members.  Her love of the agricultural industry shines through in her presentations.  You’ll leave her talks feeling excited about agriculture and energized to go out and promote the best industry in the world!" Kindra Plumb, CSU 4-H Agent, Haxtun, CO

  •  "From her time as the Snowy Range FFA Chapter President, to Cattlemen's Day presenter, Kacy has been an advocate for the beef industry and agricultural way of life. Founded strongly in her Wyoming heritage, she provides prospective as to what the agricultural industry is today and what it is facing in the future. Her stories, ranging from the occasional protective mother cow to what consumers want, provide prospective on how to bridge the widening gap between the average consumer and America's producing agriculturalists."  Travis Taylor, Livestock Producer, Limon, Colorado

My sweet daddio and I at his 2017 Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction

My sweet daddio and I at his 2017 Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction

Speaking and Writing Examples

Check out this example from my national award winning radio spot on beef sustainability, my guest spot on the Farm Traveler podcast, or visit Dairy Carrie's website to view my guest blog on sustainability 10 Miles Past Nowhere.

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